Skyrocket Your Golf Skills: Astonishing 7 Iron Secrets Revealed

Last updated on July 9th, 2023


Looking for ways to hit your 7 iron farther?

You’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn how to increase the distance of your 7 iron shots by understanding the average distance, 7 iron loft, 7 iron launch angle, and the length of a 7 iron, as well as swing speed charts and club head speed.

Our few tips will include how high-handicap, mid-handicap, and low-handicap golfers can maximize their distance with 7 irons.

So let’s get started.

What is a 7 iron?

What is a 7 iron

Typically, 7 irons are a mid iron used for medium-distance approach shots from the fairway.

The loft angle ranges between 31 and 35 degrees, making it suitable to hit shots 130 to 160 yards away.

The blade length of a 7 iron is typically 37 inches, and the standard length is 38 inches.

Average 7 Iron Distance Range

Average 7 Iron Distance Range

A player’s swing speed, club head speed, and ball speed can all influence the

7 iron average distance.

Professional golfers typically achieve a consistent distance of 165-210 yards when utilizing 7 irons.

7 iron distance can range from 140 to 170 yards for an experienced amateur golfer.

For most beginners or high handicappers, the distance of the 7 iron can range from 115 to 145 yards.

7 Iron Loft, 7 Iron Launch Angle, and Standard Length Explained

7 Iron Loft

7 iron loft angle plays an important role when hitting 7 iron shots.

A 7 iron shot’s launch angle is affected by its loft angle, which ranges from 31 to 35 degrees.

The ball flight of a 7 iron with a 31-degree loft angle will be lower than a 7 iron with higher lofts.

7 Iron Launch Angle

How far your 7 iron shot will travel is greatly influenced by the launch angle of the 7 iron.

The 7 iron average launch angle is around 12 degrees, but it can range from 7 to 17 degrees.

A common misconception is that a higher launch angle will always result in longer shots; however, the optimal launch angle depends on factors such as swing speed, attack angle, and spin rate.

Generally, the lower the launch angle with your 7 iron, the further it will travel. 

Higher swing speeds produce higher shots, so your swing speed also affects the launch angle.

7 Iron Standard Length

There is typically a 38-inch length for 7 irons.

To ensure more distance with a 7 iron, the length should be fitted based on the player’s height and swing speed.

7 Iron Swing Speed Chart and Golf Club Head Speed Explained

Golf Swing Speed

Most golfers of all skill levels can use the 7 iron swing speed chart to determine their ideal 7 iron distance and the 7 iron most appropriate to their speed.

7 Iron Loft, 7 Iron Launch Angle, and Standard Length Explained

The 7 iron swing speed chart shows the typical range and the average distance you can achieve with a 7 iron based on your speed.

The distance you can hit golf balls with any golf club may vary depending on your golf ball velocity and smash factor.

Radar or launch monitors can provide an accurate measurement of your swing speed. You can also hire a professional/club fitter to evaluate your swing and suggest improvements.

Golf Ball Speed

According to Trackman data, LPGA tour players typically hit 7 irons at 104mph, yielding an average carry distance of 140 yards.

Ball speeds for 7 irons on the PGA tour average 140mph, with carry distances of 170 yards to 210 yards for long hitters like Bryson Dechambeau.

It is likely that the average male golfer will have slightly faster ball speeds than the average LPGA tour player (110mph-120mph). 

However, a golfer’s average smash factor is typically lower, so the average carry distance ranges from 140 to 160 yards.

Tips & Techniques to Increase 7 Iron Club Head Speed

There are a variety of shots golfers can hit with the 7 iron, one of the most versatile golf clubs in their golf bag.

To maximize the distance you can achieve with this club, you must understand how to increase 7 iron club head speed. 

The first step is to choose the right length and loft for your 7 iron. A 7 iron that is too long or has too little loft will negatively affect your distance and accuracy.

Once you have the right 7 iron, you can use a few techniques to increase speed.

High Handicap

High Handicap

Beginner golfers with high handicaps can improve 7 iron club head speed by improving their swing technique.

Focusing on a smooth and controlled swing is one of the most important tips for high-handicap golfers. This group of golfers tends to swing too hard and fast, which can actually decrease clubhead speed.

To develop a smooth and controlled swing, keep your arms in line with your chest throughout the full swing. Doing this will ensure that you use your body to generate power instead of just your arms. Allow your club to transition smoothly into the downswing by pausing briefly at the top of the backswing.

Rotate your hips and shift more weight onto your front foot to begin your downswing with your lower body. This way, you can powerfully and efficiently transfer energy from your body to the club powerfully and efficiently.

Maintaining a consistent tempo is another important aspect of a consistent swing. Stay with a rhythm that feels comfortable to you throughout the swing.

Maintaining a smooth and consistent tempo can generate more clubhead speed and improve your overall accuracy.

Mid Handicap

Mid Handicap

After gaining a good understanding of proper swing technique, intermediate golfers can now focus on improving their speed by using training aids such as the SuperSpeed Golf Training System and taking lessons.

Among the most popular golf training aids is the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, which provides feedback and speeds up golf swings. Strength and power are developed through the use of resistance bands that come with the system.

PGA-certified golf instructors can also help mid handicappers improve their clubhead speed.

The help of a professional instructor can help you identify areas of improvement in your golf swing. You can improve your technique and speed up your clubhead with their personalized drills and exercises.

Taking a mid-handicap golf game to the next level requires hard work, and improving clubhead speed is a great place to start.

Low Handicap

Low Handicap

Low handicappers typically understand swing technique well and may not need to make significant adjustments.

The good news is that they can still improve their 7 iron club head speed by focusing on physical fitness.

Including core exercises in your workout routine is one of the best ways for advanced golfers to improve club head speed. Performing exercises such as planks, squats, and lunges can help strengthen the core muscles required for a powerful swing. Power and speed can be generated in golf swings by increasing core strength.

Besides core exercises, advanced golfers can also benefit from working on their overall fitness and flexibility.

Golfers can maintain their energy levels throughout a round by doing cardio exercises like running or cycling. Various flexibility exercises can also assist golfers in achieving proper positions by increasing their range of motion.

Low-handicap golfers can achieve lower scores on the golf course by improving their physical fitness and practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 7 Iron So Popular?

Why is the 7 Iron So Popular?

The seven iron is the favorite club for many golfers of all ability levels due to its versatility and accuracy.

This club is often used for mid-range shots as it is short enough, making it suitable for various distances.

The seven iron also has a relatively low loft, which helps to reduce spin and provide a more penetrating trajectory on the golf ball.

How Far Does Tiger Woods Hit a 7 Iron?

Tiger Woods is considered the best golfer of all time, and his 7 iron shot is no exception.

According to TrackMan data, Woods typically hits his 7 iron, an average of 176 yards. However, he has been known to hit 7 irons up to 225 yards in competition.

Is There a 7 Iron for Beginners?

Yes, there is a seven iron for beginners. 7 irons are designed to help golfers of all skill levels, including beginners, hit accurate shots.

Beginner seven irons typically have a larger head, lower loft, and lighter overall weight than traditional seven irons. This makes them easier to hit and allows more control over the ball.

Game improvement irons are also designed with a more forgiving sole, making it easier to get the golf ball airborne.

How Far Should a 7 Iron Go?

The 7 iron is a versatile club that can be used for various shots. On average, the ball should travel around 140-150 yards for a male golfer with an average golfer swing speed.

Women, senior golfers, and players with slower speeds should expect to carry the golf ball around 120-130 yards.

Final Thoughts

The 7 iron golf club is a great option for golfers of every skill level due to their versatility and accuracy.

With the right practice, training aids, physical fitness routine, and professional instruction, players can significantly improve their 7 iron club head speed and maximum distance.

Whether you’re a high handicap golfer looking to increase your 7 average iron distance or a low handicap player trying to hit that perfect shot every time, focusing on improving your 7 iron game is sure to pay off in the long run.

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