Maximum Distance and Control: The New PXG Xtreme Golf Ball

Last updated on July 9th, 2023

PXG is one the fastest-growing brands within golfing and they are now entering the golf ball market for the first time. They plan on competing with established brands Titleist and TaylorMade using their new premium golf ball, PXG Xtreme.

Unleash Your Distance and Control on Greens

You can maximize distance off the tee, increase speed and spin, and control greens better. The ball has a strong ionomer layer that increases speed and a polybutadiene core that provides strength.

Polybutadiene cores provide a high initial velocity and maximize energy transfer from the clubface to the ball, resulting in more distance off the tee.

A firm core also ensures stability and consistency throughout the swing, which is crucial for accuracy and control.

The Science Behind the PXG Xtreme Golf Ball’s Design and Performance

The PXG Xtreme three-piece ball features a 338-dimple pattern and a soft urethane exterior cover.

The soft urethane exterior cover allows for greater control and spin on greens. This will allow you to place your shots more accurately and improve your accuracy.

As the ball travels through the air, the 338-dimple pattern on the surface of the PXG Xtreme golf ball reduces drag and increases lift. This results in increased distance and a more stable ball flight.

Also, the pattern creates more turbulence around the ball, creating more spin, particularly on short shots like wedges and irons, allowing for greater greenside control.

A soft urethane exterior cover provides enhanced control and spin on greens. The result will be improved accuracy and more accurate shots.

Urethane is a pliable and soft polymer. A soft urethane cover is often preferred in golf balls because it provides a better “feel” on impact.

A soft urethane cover deforms slightly on impact, increasing contact time with the ball, which increases spin.

The pliability of urethane also enables manufacturers to create a more consistent and uniform ball because it can be molded more precisely.

Other materials used for golf ball covers, such as Surlyn, are harder and less pliable, which can result in a stiffer feel and less spin.

Comparing the PXG Xtreme Golf Ball to the Competition

The Xtreme feels incredibly fast off the tee, but has a slightly harsher ‘smack’ than most premium balls. Compared with the Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway ERC Soft, this can provide a more responsive feel at impact. However, it can lead to less consistent ball flight.

In the short game, the PXG Xtreme offers the same compression as the Pro V1x, but it is slower and softer. As a result, the average launch angle may decrease slightly.

PXG believes its faster ball speeds will outperform the competition and improve overall performance.

Golf Laboratories’ Certification: How the PXG Xtreme Golf Ball Measures Up to Industry Standards.

The PXG Xtreme golf ball has been tested and certified by Golf Laboratories. The company is widely recognized within the industry as a leader in testing. Every major equipment maker, as well as the USGA and R&A, uses them.

A Golf Laboratories rating of plus/minus 108 compression puts the Xtreme right between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

A New Alignment Tool: Improving Accuracy and Reducing Misses

It also features an innovative alignment aid that helps line up shots.

The sleek design and easy-to-read indicator make it easy to use, improving accuracy and decreasing miss-hit putts.

Where to Buy Them

The brand-new PXG Xtreme Golf balls are now on sale if you’re a PXG fan.

Twelve balls retail for $39.99, $10-$15 less than most other balls on the market. You can purchase the balls from, PXG retail locations, and Amazon.

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